What is Digital Education?

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Digital Education is nothing but “the innovative use of digital tools and technology skills for students or Learners during teaching and learning, and it is also called e-learning.

Types of Digital Education

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning involves teaching over the internet using smart gadgets like Mobiles and Tablets without being present in that place. The geographical distance is bridged by technological tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, etc.

Virtual Classrooms

Virtual Classrooms are created for removing all geographical boundaries and it allows trainers and learners to be brought together in the same virtual place,

For example: – During a video conference

Social Media and Websites

In digitalization of learning, Social Media & Websites also plays a great roll, whenever a learner needs knowledge he/she may get knowledge from Social Media and Websites at no cost

Importance of Digital Education in India

In India, Digitalization of education has arrived in recent years, Schools and Colleges also interested to use digital solutions to stay up with technological advances by applying them in order to improve the quality of learning by using digital tools.

Impact of Digital Education in India

Learners can get all their study material online, including pre- recorded lessons in video or Pdf formats. They also have options to take classes online instead of being physically present at the institutions, which brings flexibility in learning

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